Stuart Hall — Nachrufe (Linkliste)


Stuart Hall starb am 10. Februar 2014 im Alter von 82 Jahren in London. 

In memoriam Stuart Hall

hier sollen einige Nachrufe und Reaktionen auf diesen großen Theortiker und politischen Aktivisten gesammelt werden:

“For Stuart Hall With Love”,

Illness dimmed his voice and now it is gone. The conversation is not finished though. For we live, as Hall says in the film, in a time of “permanent revolutions.” We’ll just have to take it from here. Thanks, Stuart. For everything.

“’Godfather of multiculturalism’ Stuart Hall dies aged 82”, The Guardian:

In one of Hall’s last interviews, with the Guardian two years ago, he expressed pessimism about politics generally and the Labour party specifically. “The left is in trouble. It has not got any ideas, it has not got any independent analysis of its own, and therefore it has got no vision. It just takes the temperature: ‘Whoa, that’s no good, let’s move to the right.’ It has no sense of politics being educative, of politics changing the way people see things.”

British intellectual Stuart Hall dies. The influential public thinker, who coined Thatcherism and pioneered multiculturalism, is dead”,

Beliefs that we now take for granted – that youth culture and its expression in style and fashion can be a vital form of political resistance, that ethnic diversity in the mass media is acutely important, to name a few – are all ideas that Stuart Hall elucidated better, earlier and more articulately than anyone else. He was a towering moral force, marked by a critical insight and integrity not often seen today. We will not see his like again.

Stuart Hall: a class warrior and a class act, Guardian:

He was not interested in sounding clever but being useful and making a difference. His intellectual product was not a performance but an engagement: a genuine desire to understand the world as it is, not as he would like it to be, and to help change it by offering insights and interventions that might help make that world possible.

Rage Against the Dying of a Light: Stuart Hall (1932–2014) — persönlicher, lesenswerter Nachruf:

Stuart did not teach us what the questions were and certainly not provide the answers. He taught us how to think relationally and contexually, and therefore how to ask questions. He taught us how to think and even live with complexity and difference. He refused the all too easy binaries that theory and politics throw in our way—he described himself as a theoretical anti-humanist and a political humanist. He sought neither a compromise nor a dialectic synthesis, but ways of navigating the contradictions and complexities rather than redistributing them into competing camps, because that was what a commitment to change the world required. Relations! Context! Complexity! Contingency! He inspired many of us with another vision of the intellectual life.

Sammlung einiger Artikel über und von Stuart Hall, zusammengestellt anlässlich des Todes.

Ausführlicher biographisch informierter Nachruf abermals im Guardian

A giant of the New Left passes” auf Al Jazeera

Nachruf mit besonderer Betonung auf Halls Karibische Wurzeln und seine Arbeit zur Karibik und Rassismus

Nachruf im Independent

Nachruf auf

Nachruf auf The Voice

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